Submit a DBT video

Thank you for spreading the word about Dialectical Behavior Therapy. Here's how to submit a video listing to DBT Bites.

How submission works

  1. Email your Youtube video URL to:
  2. Include your full name, location, affiliated institution or business name, twitter username and main website URL.
  3. If accepted, I will reply with an email confirming your submission was accepted.
  4. Then I will your create your Teacher profile page (if you don't have one), add your video page, share it on Twitter and queue it for the next Newsletter.

Important things to know before submitting

  • Is your video hosted on YouTube? Right now, DBT Bites can only showcase videos hosted on YouTube so we can't accept Vimeo or Wistia videos.
  • What kinds of videos are acceptable? Videos do not need to be created by DBT therapists or skills trainers to be accepted, but they DO need to reflect the general assumptions and worldview of DBT - so no stereotypical or stigmatizing descriptions of people with BPD (or any other groups).
  • Will my submission get in? High-quality curation is my main goal - and makes DBT Bites better for everyone - so feel free to submit other videos if your first submission isn't accepted.

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